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Ash (Fraxinus excelsior)

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Native throughout the British Isles, the deciduous ash tree is a fast growing tree reaching around 130ft (40m) with a lifespan of 200 years. The appearance of this tree is of slender, smooth curving branches on a long trunk.

It is usually the last tree to come into leaf in spring and one of the earliest to lose its leaves in the autumn. The Ash produces grey buds that quickly turn to soot black whereas some other ashes go brown. Situated in opposite pairs, the leaves are mitre shaped and have a serrated edge. Side leaves are generally stalk less.

A highly attractive aspect of this tree is the bark. It’s pale grey in colour and consists of a regular pattern of shallow criss-crossing networks of ridges.

The wood is extremely strong; lending itself to a variety of purposes such as hockey sticks, rudders and cricket stumps, but especially handles for tools and modern wood flooring and office furniture. When dried it burns with a clear blue flame making it a sought after commodity for winter fuel, but it will still burn if green.

Ash is tolerant of most soils and most sites including chalk, but flourishes on a lime rich soil, or moist, but well drained, fertile soils.

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