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Field Maple (Acer campestre)

Field Maple
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The Field Maple has a good growth rate in the first 20-25 years to which it may grow up to 10-15m tall. This tree will mature by the time it reaches 50 years and will have a maximum height of 25m.

The leaves can range from 4-7cm in length with up to 5 lobes on each and are hairless, the stalks are 10-20mm in length. They will turn yellow at the start of autumn and then continue to turn a beautiful golden/red colour as autumn progresses. These leaves provide excellent dense and deciduous hedges if kept clipped and should be trimmed in July as standard.

The cycle consists of:

  • Flowers: March
  • Leaves: April-May
  • Fruits: June-July
  • Ripens: October
  • Fall: November

Field Maple is native to Cumbria and the southern parts of England and it can also be found throughout Europe. This tree prefers sun or partial shade to grow in and will grow well on heavy soils containing lime. The acidity if the soil should be around 5-7 pH.

The bark is a soft, finely grained and a pale brown. Because this tree never usually makes timber size it is mainly used as wood for turnery and marketing and in Middle Ages was used to make musical instruments.

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