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"Over 40 years a tree can remove one ton of CO2 from the atmosphere"

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Want to really make a statement? Then these are the trees to choose. The largest tree in the World, the Giant Sequoia or the tallest tree in the World, the Coastal Redwood! Trees in the Sequoia family are best suited to conditions similar to their natural home in California - preferring dry soil and full sunlight.

Don't be put off by the size of the growth rate of these giants, they can be easily miniaturised and are perfect for Bonsai!

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Coastal Redwood (Sequoia sempervirens)
From the North coast of America - the Coastal Redwood is the tallest tree in the World and can reach up to 115m and live for over 2000 years.

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Giant Sequoia (EU) (Sequoiadendron giganteum)
The largest tree in the World - they can grow up to 100m high and are so big you could drive a car through the trunk! Very fast growing but easily miniaturised, perfect for Bonsai!

Our Price: £12.99
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Giant Sequoia (US) (Sequoiadendron giganteum)
The largest tree in the World can now be bought by our American customers. These saplings have been specially grown and selected in the USA for our US customers only.

Our Price: £12.99
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All of our saplings are ethically sourced from sustainable forests or nurseries. The transparent plastic protective tubes and packaging are all 100% recyclable. Postage is just £1.75 per tree and we can ship to any country in the EU. We accept payment by Credit or Debit card or via PayPal