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"At the current rate of deforestation the rainforest will be gone in 100 years"

Christmas Greetings

Send a festive tree as a card of gift: personalised for free, with a choice of a Christmas Tree, Holly Tree, Sweet Chestnut or the world's largest tree, the Giant Sequoia.

All trees are sent in a 30-40cm strong clear plastic tube with your own personalised label. This is then wrapped in kraft paper and sent direct to your chosen recipient.

Go Green This Christmas!

Take this fantastic opportunity to send an environmentally friendly Christmas greeting this year. Why waste paper on cards when you can make a positiuve impression on global warming and send a tree.

Our trees are perfect for everyone. Suitable for growing into fully mature trees, as a deck plant or bonsai. With prices starting from just £4.99, why wait?

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A Personalised Label

Every tree you send is personally addressed and carries a unique message provided by you. Our online ordering system allows you to preview your label before deciding to send.

Personalised label

Send a REALLY big gift this Christmas!

Want to send somebody special a really big present this Christmas. Why not send the worlds largest tree, the Giant Sequoia from the Redwood forests of California. Presents don't get a bigger than this! At only £12.99 our Giant Sequoia Christmas Greeting is great value, you can't get more for your money!

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